“The most powerful question you can ask is why. Intention is the fuel that feeds the cause.”


So why Lucky Stars?


Because I want to spend my days leaving this earth better than I found it and because I keep forgetting how precious and swift this life is. I’ve been taking tomorrow for granted and I feel my time falling away from under me.

Because my kids look to me to show them what’s possible in this world. Art is my dream and I want to hunt that dream so relentlessly that it is engraved on the spirits of my children. I want them to know that anything is possible if they work hard enough.  

Because I want my art to be my compass – ever pointing true north; a discipline, a devotion to a life well-lived.


My prayer for my art is that it:




I hope it shines light on dark days.

I hope it stirs the spirit and calls to the deepest, raw places of the heart.

I hope it lifts chins and squares shoulders.

And I hope it leaves the world brighter and its troubles lighter, even if only a little.

That’s enough for me.